In august of 2019 my car wouldn't shift out of park. 2017 chevy malibu shift to park notification message comes on after car is in park and turned off. While most of these troubles are nuisances, there are some electrical problems that cant be ignored. EVEN THOUGH THE GEARS ARE IN THE PARKED POSITION. 2011 Malibu LTZ 3.6L V6 Red Jewel Tintcoat. Wire harness was replaced, While driving to work on the freeway I slowed down as approaching slight congestion of cars. This is very dangerous to be driving at high speeds and all of a sudden the vehicle drops speed to 15-20 mph. The vehicle was repaired, but the failure recurred. The first time it happened, it was around 6pm in busy traffic on the highway, almost causing me to wreck. One NHTSA reviewer said, Car indicating to place in PARK after placing the shifter into park and shutting down the car. The contact stated that while operating the vehicle, the check engine warning light would remain illuminated. There is water coming into the trunk. While driving approximately 55 mph, the vehicle shuddered, but never stalled. Warning message says 'shift into park' & even though engine shuts off, the radio (& I'm assuming battery) doesn't. *tr. The failure mileage was 204. The contact stated that after his wife parked the vehicle, the "shift to park" message was displayed while the gear selector was shifted into park(p). What is the purpose of the service brakes? Recurring issue has made vehicle unusable while effected as car goes into limp mode while in motion limiting speeds to 25mph which was interesting to say the least as it happens while in motion. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. I completely lost power and had no control being my steering wheel locked. My reduce engine light continues to come on. Ya right what a joke. A lot of group forums for 2016-2019 malibu's are complaining about this. After attempting to have the software updated twice the consumer was advised the system was only designed to operate at speeds between 30 and 50 mph. Took back to dealer, they now say whole harness needs replaced. The contact owns a 2017 chevrolet malibu. 2019 f250 just hit 70,000 miles so I cant lemon law it. The accelerator pedal position sensor failed causing reduced engine power mode. At cost of 499. I had my pistons and all that replaced back in 2019, I have also had the battery replaced 3 times since getting this vehicle as that is what gm recommended. If vehicle left in this state, the battery will eventually run down and leave driver stranded. So nhtsa, I hope you take this complaint very seriously and not wait for someone to die or get seriously hurt! The vehicle was taken to steve rayman chevrolet (678-269-7886, located at 2155 cobb pkwy se, smyrna, ga 30080) where the technician performed a diagnostic test and replaced the throttle control cables; however, the failure recurred. Reduced engine power started popping up on the dashboard and forcefully reduces speed to 20mph. Called onstar immediately to scan the car for codes - they found none. Last week, the same exact issued recurred, so I took it back to chevy, for them to say it was my battery. Car won't lock because of it. Thanks in advance. The torque on the motor is 184 lb-ft at 2500 rpm to 3000 rpm. I purchased the 2017 malibu in 2017 and currently have about 24000 miles on it. It would happen on side streets, on main roads, sitting in rush hour traffic, etc. This happened on 3/7/18 and the vehicle was towed in for service. I pulled over to the emergency lane on the expressway and shut down my vehicle. Before the recall I payed for repairs out of pocket for what the dealership thought it was which it was not. IT IS A RAPID RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT ONLY MOVING THE WHEEL ABOUT 2 INCHES FROM THE CENTER EACH WAY. This is a serious safety issue that effectively makes the vehicle unusable. Frequently the car will say that the transmission is not in park, but the shifter is in the park position, and the car will not turn off until I take it from park to reverse to park again. Last week it was in the shop at basil chevrolet in depew, ny and they replaced the shift relay and it is still doing it. Vehicle randomly presents an engine failure making impossible any acceleration. The car would not accelerate properly or build enough momentum to shift as it should. My sunroof is stuck open and my seats power goes out intermittently. No warning lights or shift to park warning came on the dashboard. I was barely able to get the car to the off ramp I was approaching. Does anyone know why this would happen and how to fix? November 2018, I was in a car accident where a vehicle was making an illegal u-turn in the middle of clifton road, as I was coming down clifton road in the turning lane and t-boned my vehicle causing front end damage to the front passenger side of my vehicle. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and a case was opened. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. They also then stated that there was condensation in the radiator from the coolant. The vehicle was taken to pucklich chevrolet (3701 state st, bismark, nd 58503) on several occasions where they replaced the charge air cooler, and heated and drained the replacement air cooler twice. I was told that Chevy new about it and did not notify anybody about it. The approximate failure mileage was 68,000. It is not the first time that it has done this but it was the first time driving at that high rate of speed. My 2017 chevrolet malibu exploded and caught fire after it had been parked for hours on the street. Battery was less than a year old and fuel was 1/3 tank. It locked up and cars couldn't slow down appropriately. After several attempts, the vehicle was shifted into park and remained in park. The vehicle was in the shop for a total of two weeks, due to them being out on the parts. The vehicle was not taken to a dealer or independent mechanic for diagnostic test or repair. Going to work on a city street car completely shut off. Dealership said it would be 0 to fix and the part is back ordered. This happened yet again today as I was making a left hand turn onto a 4 lane highway. When parking car we place the shifter in park, and psh the button to turn off car it states to put shifter in park after wiggling the shifter that is clearly in park the car will shut off. This is a manufacturer error and we should not have to pay the price every time this happens. Let's take auto start off totally it's a nuisance not a solution and the tow truck driver said he has taken in 4 gmc/chevrolet this week and 2 were malibu's. Lights still on and reduced engine power. NOTICED AFTER HEAVY RAINS AS WELL AS WHEN USING THE CAR WASH. In neither situation will do it to the point any service technician will ever be able to duplicate it. It just recently started. Causing my dash to read ( reduced engine power ) everytime my car go's into this malfunction its a sudden lost of power.. Where ever im driving at any speed.. On city street , highway, etc.. The car will be driving fine and all of a sudden I engine power reduced pop up in the car. Have a car complaint to add? Third brake light brakes when car is lifted or jacked, causes safety issue and concern. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and informed the contact that he would be contacted after reviewing the information that was provided. It is obvious to be a shabby mechanism inside the shift box that isn't connecting the circuit to show that the vehicle is actually in park. You can bypass it by shifting to L6 but its rather inconvenient. Vehicle decelerated rapidly on major highway was almost rear ended by semi tractor triailer. While merging into traffic my 2017 malibu's power reduced (reduced power indicator appeared) which resulted in my inability to control the speed/acceleration. Seatbelt locking up. Its a 3rd time that I experience dead battery (stationary/parked) for brand new car 2017 hybrid malibu within 2 years. This has happened to me 3 times and two happened to be when I was driving on the highway going 70mph and the vehicle speed suddenly decreases to 30mph due with any warning. Has been to quirk chevrolet twice previously for same issue, drives fine for a week or two and light comes back. Indicator light repeatedly comes and says, please shift vehicle into park. The top-of-the-line 2LT trim starts at $31,500. THE VEHICLE WAS TAKEN TO KELLER MOTORS INC WHERE IT WAS DIAGNOSED THAT THE GEAR SHIFTER NEEDED TO BE REPLACED. This has happened many times in the last 2 months and has not been fixed by gm. The 2017 malibu gives a message to put the vehicle in "park," when the vehicle is already in park. Traffic backed up and came to screeching slow down. After when I release the break and accelerate the car turns back on and the steering wheel will jerk to the left, without me moving the steering wheel. The mechanic retrieved fault code: p0138 (engine control module (ecm). Tl* the contact owns a 2017 chevrolet malibu. The vehicle independently downshifted and decelerated to 35 mph with the accelerator pedal depressed to the floorboard. The 2LT gains perforated leather upholstery, ventilated front seats, a six-way power-adjustable front passenger seat, an 8-inch digital gauge cluster, a nine-speaker Bose stereo, a charge-only USB port, navigation and wireless device charging. *tr, Intermittently when the car has been shifted into park and turned off a message on the driver control screen states to shift to park and will leave the car battery on and will beep the doors are open. . The failure mileage was approximately 32,000. This is absolutely and totally unsafe and unacceptable. Tl* the contact owns a 2017 chevrolet malibu. The failure mileage was 20,000. It wrecks lemon! If mine is not heard I hope the next persons will be. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the ignition switch was faulty and needed to be replaced. I am not looking forward to my cars engine cutting out on the highway again because chevy cannot find a fix for their bum engine. The failure mileage was 22,000. I saw special coverage for the car just for this issue but the dealership states it isnt covered for my vin.. Also, there is a popping noise under the car when I take off, turn curves, get out of the car etc. 27 @gordon chevrolet. The dealership wants to replace my fuel pump system at a cost however it has a current recall for my specific make and model. The first time it happened it was in motion on the highway and a message appeared on the dashboard, "engine power is reduced." We believe this is what's going on. My engine seized up, completely unexpected, got the extended warranty, I pray its covered. While driving 25 mph, the contact heard a noise coming from the engine and the vehicle began to stall. The dealer informed him warning light and several other unknown warning lights illuminated. How Does the CFPBs Debt Collection Rule Affect You? Engine auto stop shuts down engine but does not restart. 19 Chevy trax with 31K on it has been having an issue with the transmission Module throwing a code. The dealer cannot find the problem. The vehicle is in the shop again for the fourth time, same issue. The dealer fixed the issue, though apparently only temporarily by removing and replacing the transmission control shifter assembly. When I came back for my next oil change, I again needed to mention this problem, because the problem goes away for a little but comes back. The dealership ran diagnostics on it and they determined it was a faulty gas throttle pedal and sensor. Then when I tried to shift it jumped hard and you could see the engine jump as if it wasn't mounted properly. The contact took the vehicle to the dealer however, a diagnostic test showed no codes were retrieved. I could not go over 20 mph. Nearly ran into vehicle in front of me due to such harsh sift from 1st gear to 2nd gear. It stops when . We have always had problems filling the car and it is never completely full. There were no warning lights illuminated. The failure mileage was 38,680. Praying whatever the problem is under warranty. He concluded the condition was caused by a damaged piston. This is very dangerous. Then it happened again several hours later when I was on my way home, I had to constantly keep pulling over. I have only gone to chevy for any type of maintenance because I want my car to be taken care of by people that should know everything about it. The Chevy Malibu doesnt do anything that seems normal at all. I bought this car august 2017. The next morning (kids in tow) the engine light was still on, and the vehicle still seemed sluggish. I see several people with the same complaint. We are Lemberg Law, a Consumer Law Firm" smalltext="Lemberg Law is a consumer law firm helping victims of bad manufacturing and run-arounds from auto companies. The contact stated that the failure reoccurred several times. 2017 Malibu has less than 75000 miles. According to the GM engine defect class action, plaintiff Mark Rothschild purchased a 2017 Chevrolet Malibu in September 2017. The contact managed to stop the vehicle and did not crash into any object. The contact was able to restart the vehicle and continued to drive; however, the failure recurred increasingly while depressing the brake pedal at stoplights. The brake vacuum pump is bad they used to cheap chinese knockoff part that breaks and get sucked into the engine possibly causing engine failure but for the most part in your brakes can fail leaving the car without any breaking support from the booster vacuum I called the dealership the service advisor immediately told me to take the car to the dealer for work at general motors expense the brake vacuum pumps are failing at an alarming rate causing serious damage and possibility of injury 5 minutes after I did everything they told me I recalled the dealing to confirm my appointment they refused to answer the phone and put me on hold then when they answer the phone they told me that the servants advisor I talked to no longer works there best chevrolet kenner louisiana 70062 without the vacuum pump the brakes are very hard the press the car is very difficult to stop especially at high speeds I'm trying to get this fixed but general motors is refusing the service advisor told me the best thing that I can do is to pay for everything and whenever general motors feels like doing a recall I maybe can get reimbursed. Lately she has been complaining that the car suddenly drifts at highway speeds and she has to make corrections that jerk her all over the road. General Motors is facing a class action lawsuit that alleges some of its automatic eight-speed Chevrolet, . This is a safety hazard because the vehicle will not turn off and will continue to use the vehicle's battery unless the "shift to park" message is cleared from the dash board. The vehicle was not repaired. 0 later, I got the car back, and within a matter of days, the same symptoms occurred so I had to have it towed back to the dealership for them now to say that my piston head in engine was cracked, so now the engine needed to be replaced which would be around 00. jamal o'neal shaq's brother, goblin commander units, mars in pisces man venus in pisces woman,